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Ecolodge El Sombrero



We are located inside Yaxha, Nakum, Naranjo Natural Monument, which belongs to the MAYAN BIOSPHERE RESERVE and THE MESOAMERICAN BIOLÓGICAL PATHWAY. The archeological and natural richness that surrounds us, makes the location a forced stop for travelers with different interests (archaeology, ornithology, nature lovers, .adventure).


We are located in the Yaxha lagoon shores . Presently, we count with a total of 13 rooms with the capacity to lodge 35 persons.
We have 7 rooms with shared bathrooms and 6 with private bathrooms. The rooms have thatch roofs with sieve in the ceiling and windows.

The restaurant, the bar, and the kitchen also have thatch roofs.


The Peten life conditions and the difficulties in the communication and transport don’t allow us to have a complete menu to the disposition of the client if this has not confirmed his reserve. Every needed hygiene precaution is taken in the handling and preparation of the food. Fresh vegetables are treated, water is filtrated or boiled and the food is duly refrigerated.


The water served in the restaurant and the one used in the kitchen is filtrated or boiled. The water in the bathrooms comes directly from the lagoon and can be used to brush your teeth. The water analysis realized in the lagoon showed that the consumption of the water is safe.

All the drain water is conducted to especially constructed wells to filter the grease and soap before being absorbed by the earth. There are also controlled septic tanks for the WC.

We count with a generator to provide light in the bedrooms and in the restaurant. We are also trying to introduce solar panels to protect the environment.

The lodge is by the Yaxha lagoon shores and we have a beach especially for the clients. In case of bathing in the lagoon we remind you that we are in a wild environment and some precautions must be taken.

We offer horseback, by foot or boat tours to the numerous archeological sites of the area.
We are constantly studying new routs and ecotourism programs. You will be notified when these routs are opened.

Canvas pants, boots or high shoes, flashlight, hat or cap, long sleeves shirt, photographic equipment, binoculars and insect repellent.

In the months of December, January and February the temperature decreases in the night, warm clothes is needed.

Mayan Sky
To those interested in astronomy, El Sombrero has very dark skies for the best views of deep space. We have an astronomic telescope with an aperture of 320 mm in disposition of our guests.

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